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The estimates are provided for informational purposes only, based upon the proposed property for purchase, land for leases/or sale, lot/or land size, price, closing date and projected join ventures has been prepared to assist Buyer and Seller. Amounts will vary depending upon differences between actual and estimated cost that may occur in the transaction during due diligence, assessments, liens, impound accounts, charges by lenders, escrow companies, title insurers and other service providers and other items. Not all liens may yet have been identified. Neither Broker, Agent nor LatinoAmerican Realty guarantee, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, correctness, or completeness of the above information. Any conclusions that users draw from the information presented here are their own and are not to be attributed to the Broker, Agent or LatinoAmerican Realty.  LatinoAmerican Realty is not a financial institution engaged in mortgage lending and/or loan originations. The description listed are for exemplary purposes only. All information and related cost are estimates and should be viewed as such. Final numbers should be obtained from your lending institution/or legal representative prior to closing.

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