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BahiaMarAbout Us

The sellers of the property (Bahiamar), a small group of shareholders comprised primarily of prominent Mexican citizens in their 70's and 80's, began purchasing parcels of the assemblage from a wealthy Mexican family back in 1979 under a company named Inmobiliaria Fraccionamientos Turisticos, S.A. de C.V (also known as "Infratur”)

Representing the owners is the president of Infratur, Eddie Villa Real, a leading Mexican businessman, writer and physicist, who founded several electronics companies and who, in later years, became an activist dedicated to improving tourism in Mexico and fighting environmental and pollution problems in his country.


Bahiamar on account of its very special characteristics described as extraordinary is offering to a foreign buyer/investor a great opportunity since it has the protection and support of the Federal, State and Municipal authorities of Mexico which will be converted in a high yield and low risk investment.  This means many outstanding features as far as security of investment, profit return and government support.


In this resume is included the abbreviated information of a potential Bahiamar development project regarding the necessary requirements to get such a project started, the scope of it, the cash flow runs for a ten-year period are available at request and the attractive ratio of profits versus investment on a low risk profile.


Bahiamar is located on the beach of the pacific ocean in a tropical place between Acapulco and Ixtapa having more than 9 miles of beach and lagoon front having in the back a fresh water lagoon  El Tular and in the corner the San Valentin Estuary fed by two rivers flowing into the ocean at the Petatlan Bar which furnishes an extraordinary combination of tropical tourism possibilities as far as sports and activities is concerned like deep sea and fresh water fishing, sailing skiing, scuba diving and wind surfing.

Ixtapa airport is only 10 minutes away by a very modern highway and under an authorized project is a double lane super high way to be constructed shortly all the way from Acapulco to Ixtapa and that passes just in the edge of our land in the entrance of the golf course



Bahiamar is a strip of land 500 meters wide and 8 km long very similar to Cancun located between the Pacific Ocean and the fresh water lagoon and has an ideal tropical weather with more than 300 sunny days a year, a constant cool breeze all year-round making air conditioning unnecessary for all practical purposes.  


The nature of this type of land is very unique since it has an elevation of almost 30 feet above sea level which furnishes an excellent protection barrier against high tides in the rainy season.

The soil of the strip is of semiarid nature but with proper irrigation palm trees and ornamental plants will grow rapidly on account of the humidity.

On the lagoon side the soil is very fertile and a buyer/investor will have control of more than 100,000 palm trees that could be transplanted into the gardens, avenues, sidewalks and exterior architecture.


On top of all Bahiamar has certain characteristics that when quantified will mean millions of dollars in savings in materials and costs of construction. These are.

  1. Marina construction. The Valentin Estuary in which a projected marina can exists actually in such a way that millions of cubic meters of dirt and mud will not have to be dredged. This means a saving of almost 50 million dollars in digging costs according to the figures and calculations rendered by the construction company contracted for this.

  2. Natural Sea Wall.  Bahiamar land has a natural protection barrier that will mean millions of savings of material and costs of construction.  This furnishes a natural protection barrier against high tides in the rain or stormy seasons. Villas that can be constructed on the beach front will be perfectly protected against this.

  3. Construction Materials. In the land where a proposed golf course can be developed there are millions of tons of a very good quality compacting soil that can be used in the construction of streets and avenues and also a very unique granite pit in site can yield materials needed for a wave breaker, granite floors for the villas etc.



Bahiamar has a very nice tropical weather having a temperature variation around 28 degrees C. and the rainy season is in July and August with heavy precipitations but mainly on the night time producing with this many sunny days all year round,


The Ixtapa tourism zone located about 160 miles north of Acapulco has all the major infrastructure necessary for a development of one of the fastest growing tourism zones on beach front in Mexico. At the end of this chapter we are including a translation of the official opinion of FONATUR  Mexico Tourism Development Agency in which is very clearly stated the feasibility of a Bahiamar Development Project if the inner infrastructure is completed because of its similarity to Cancun.


The actual existing infrastructure consists of a very new international airport receiving many flights from the USA  and Canada, the highway that intersects the Bahiamar entrance, an authorized 4 lane project under construction from Ixtapa to the site, high voltage electricity, microwave relay station in site which will permit the installation of thousands of telephone lines and a very high quality fresh water source for an entire project.




This proposed development designed by a team of modern urban tourist architects that collaborated in the design of the Acapulco Princess, A proposed Bahiamar project is considered by the Tourism Secretariat to be potentially one of the most advanced concepts of tourism independent resorts in Mexico, having the following architectural concepts

Hotel Concessions                   Marina design                   2 Hotel zones
Marina Villas                           Golf Clubs                        Boulevard Entrance
Golf and beach villas               Underpasses                     Tennis Clubs
Beach walking isles                 Beach club                        Underground electricity
Nautical Club                           450 beach villas                470 inside villas
Club house                               Malls and shops                Condos section
Convention center                    Restaurants                       Night clubs and discos




In addition of the 1200 ocean view acres owned by the company there is an optional possibility to extend this surface if necessary, to increase the beach front land, the amount of palm trees and other lots of land on the sides of the property for future development.



Bahiamar is authorized as five star or grand tourism resort similar to Casa del Campo in Santo Domingo, the Cid Resort in Mazatlan, Puerto Aventuras in the Cancun zone, described as “integrated resorts” in which all the activities such as golf, tennis, nautical or water sports are included in the membership.


The idea use would be to offer an 8-day vacation with all the activities included in a modern completely equipped villa offering an all included package for the whole family on a five-star category.

Marina Golf and Beach Villas

All the villas and town houses can be designed in the now famous Santa Fe Construction style with walls made with adobe bricks manufactured in place with the existing red soil on site including coconut fibers.
Villas can be furnished in Mexican Colonial style and equipped with satellite television and direct dialing telephone, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwater, kitchen in order to keep the lodging costs lower when some of the meals can be prepared in the villas buying the supplies and groceries in the stores at Mexico City's market prices.


Since the commercialization and sales of the villas can be made under the all-inclusive system the prices of the 8 day vacation can be kept as low as possible to make Bahiamar a very competitive place for an ideal beach vacation.


An anchor hotel in a Bahiamar development project can considered with Qualton Hotels, a subsidiary of the DSC, Corporation of the United States through a new Bank Trust agreement to be signed in the near future. 

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